wedding cakes

Below are just a few examples of wedding cakes we have created - we aim to cater for every flavour and design for our happy couples.

We can also arrange a cake testing consultation. Get in touch today for a quote.


Cookies 'n' cream

This 5 tier wedding cake was a real show stopper! We used the following flavours as requested by the bride and groom - Cookies and cream with real cookies in the buttercream, red velvet, carrot, strawberries and cream with real strawberries in the buttercream, the very top was made with peanut butter with Reece's Pieces in the buttercream

This size cake would cater for around 250 people

Cost starts at £450


Naked Cakes

Such an on trend style at the moment and perfect for real flower decoration. Lots of variety of flavours available for the sponge and for the buttercream.

The cost for this cake starts at £250



This wedding cake was made up of three different flavours - lemon, red velvet and carrot cake.

We used edible pearl details and lace to decorate along with a silk ribbon.

This size cake would cater for around 150 people.

Cost starts at £250


Lovely lemon

This three tier wedding cake was made using victoria sponge as the largest layer and then lemon cake as the top two tiers. The cake was simply decorated as requested.

The cost for this cake starts at £175


Flower cascade

This cake was a simple 3 tier of victoria sponge, chocolate and a fruit tier -the decoration used was a cascade of flowers in blue and purple though any colours can be catered for.

The size of this cake would cater for 150 people.

Cost starts at £250


Drip Style Cakes

This two tier wedding cake was made with a chocolate drip style decoration. The topper was hand made and real flowers and foliage added.


The cost for this cake starts at £195